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STORY         Mark O Stack
ART             Helen Robinson
LETTERING   Jodie Troutman

madness cover.jpeg

Graphic novella published in 2022 by WEEKEND WARRIOR COMICS

In an echo of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and the rebirth of Dionysus from the shredded remains of Zagreus in the Orphic tradition, Zig finds himself called into being by members of a modern cult who have returned a cadaver to life in the hopes that the spirit manifesting within it will be the next coming of their patron deity.

But in the process of his becoming, Zig runs from the pain of his death and into Lethe, the river of forgetfulness, and enters the world as little more than a blank slate. With his most devoted worshipper at his side, Zig must go on a journey through America and into the Underworld to discover what it means to be the god of ritual madness in a world full of struggle.

If pain and suffering are unavoidable in life, maybe a little bit of madness is the key to survival?

Written by Mark O Stack

Illustrated by Helen Robinson

Lettering by Jodie Troutman

With editing and research by Rae Epstein

Book available to BUY HERE.

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